Our main goal is simple:We want to let you shine.  No matter who you are, there's a certain kind of magic - or shall we better say MOJO – within you and your project. Something that makes you special, that just feels right and sets you apart from the rest. To get the job done, we aim for a perfect balance between heart, head and bones, as we call it in Mojoland.

Heart - We love what we do and therefore put a lot of passion in our work. And to be honest, it's so much more than only a job to us. As soon as your project is on our table, it's not only yours anymore, it's ours as well. One thing we really want you to feel is treated right and at ease with us. That's why we want to live up to virtues like dependability, sense of responsibility and commitment. And as always in life, proper communication is helpful to understand one another and push things forward. - Let love rule

Head - "Aim from the heart“ is what you hear people say a lot. We subscribe that, but you also need to use your mind. All the love you spend does have to have some grounding. We have worked hard for years and years to reach our level of know-how and experience. And although this is well worth something, the truth is, that it's never enough. It just shouldn't be.  That's why we are always willing to try and learn new things. And just as you can depend on what we know, you can depend on our hunger to get better and better. - The next project should always be the best

Bones -The backbone of our work is our gear for sure. We have spent tons of time to choose the right hard- and software. And since Mojo is some kind of Voodoo, we didn't even stop at cables and connectors. We will continue to grow until there's no room left. - There ain't no Mojoland without any nice gear

So, as you can see, we have the gear, we have the guts and the dedication: Let's make some MOJO!


We do offer a wide range of professional services. No matter if you are just a small town kid with a guitar and a dream, a film-maker, a big time corporate or anything in between:From the creative process to the final product – we will get the job done. Our network consists of plenty of professionals from all kinds of arts and media. Here's what we serve...


Arranging | Artwork | Coaching | Commercial Exploitation | Conception | Editing | Engineering | Live Musicians | Marketing | Mastering | Mixing | Playback Recording | Producing | Public Relations | Recording | Release | Re-Amping | Session Musicians | Songwriting | Video |


Engineering | On-Set Recording | Promotional Clip | Recording | Scoring | Songwriting | Sound Design | Sound Effects | Soundscaping | Soundtrack | Synchronisation | Voice-Over


Audio Branding | Audio Logo | Commercial Exploitation | Conceptional Design | Editing | Jingles | Marketing | Professional Speaker | Radio Advertising | Sound Branding | Video Clip | Voice Over

Writers & Publishers

Audio Book | Audio Drama | Commercial Exploitation | Conceptional Design | Designing | Editing | Marketing | Mastering | Mixing | Professional Speaker | Scripting | Speaker Casting | Storywriting

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Born and raised in Krefeld and Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany in the 80s, both of us met through our unconditional love for music, while studying Popular Music & Media at the University of Paderborn. Following our mutual dream led us right to Electric Mojoland...
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